Friday, November 3, 2006

Epix-06 Honors Best Images of the Year

Last Sunday, October 29 was a very commemorative date in my photography world. This is the day when budding photographer like me will be honored with pride as we contribute our talent preserving moments of our time.

I rushed to MRT station going to Chino Roces in Makati City for the awarding ceremony of Epix-06 conducted by Epson Philippines held and organized in cooperation with One Workshop Studio.

I come late because I have a visitor then in my house in Quezon City and I was so tired that made me fall asleep. I was able to reach the venue almost past six and everyone are having their heavy snacks.

The awarding proceeded almost 5 p.m. because according to some photog friends who are also an awardees, the day was full of photo op with free live models to shoot and plus of course the food. My arrival was just in time as beverages were also being served. Well, at least I have some moments to savor my triumph as my lone entry was considered as one of the best images for this year :)

And so, being a late comer is not a reason to soul gripe, for my only consolation was more than the prize I got. Who else? A celebrity photo enthusiast finalists, Ms. China Cojuangco was with me for a photo op.

Anyway, all awardees' works were featured in a black hard bound glossy art book that was printed in Singapore. It features the winners and finalists of two categories namely: Vanishing Scene and Filipino Achievers under two divisions, The Enthusiast and the Pro Category, respectively. This book will be distributed in some universities, cultural galleries and embassies in the country.

This is the 2nd year for Epson to conduct this event for Filipino photographers. Thanks to them for honoring Filipino talents thru this medium. For sure, with the two successful event, more photo aficionados and pro will look forward for another challenging theme for next year's Epix. More power to Epson Philippines!.

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