Sunday, November 8, 2009

Manor cut at 50 percent discount

ARE YOU A TRAVELLER? If you are a frequent Baguio traveler who enjoys the cool breeze of the Summer Capital, this holiday season is for you. Enjoy your precious time to relax and commune with nature as you celebrate the season with families and friends even lovers and honeymooners out there.

The famous Manor Hotel in Camp John Hay bounches back with its special 50% discount on its suites up to December 23, 2009. These special rates are being offered only to guests and frequent visitors of the hotel. Please hurry and avail this very, very big discounts.

    * Superior room = PhP2,900 for couple/night
    * De luxe room = PhP3,150 for couple/night
    * One bed room Suite =  PhP3,850 for 3 persons/night
    * Elegand Suite = PhP6,150/night for 4 persons

The Making of Carabao Island Airport

Quite intriguing? Well, if you are an adventurer like me and a bit curious of what this place looks like, you would be tempted to search or go to Carabao Island yourself. It is believed to be the next tourist destination in the Philippines to look out for by travellers and adventurers as well. Located in San Jose of Romblon province and only 20 minutes away by boat from Boracay Island. This has remains to be one of the unexplored islands yet in the country. But government and investors alike are already eyeing and pinning this island spot to be a lucrative one.

Why did I say that Carabao Island would be the next tourist destination? Because Carabao Island and Boracay are alike in many ways. It also has the same powdery white sand but with a much longer shoreline. It has the very same natural beauty of Boracay back in the 1980s when structures are not yet sprouted like mushrooms along the shoreline.

Probably in the next estimated years to come, Carabao Island will be the next tourist haven in the Philippines. There are reports that the Philippine government agencies are negotiating with a Korean-led estate company for the development of an international airport project in San Jose town worth to be PhP5 billion. The airport will be an alternative route and an additional one to accommodate more visitors besides having the existing Caticlan airport in Malay, Aklan. Once the entire project is completed in 2012, the 3.7 kilometer long airport will make room for wide-bodied jetliners like the A-330.

The airport also would ease travel time and inconvenience for foreign tourists and locals who wish to visit Boracay. At present, there are lots of transfer you have to go through before you arrive to Boracay. One, to make a flight to NAIA, and then transfer to the Domestic airport, then fly again to Kalibo. Lastly, a 15 minute ride to a ferry boat transfer before you reach Boracay. An almost half a day was spent due to unnecessary travel time.

With the newly discovered Carabao Island and the ongoing airport project, it is predicted that by 2012, business opportunities will also come along. Romblon as well as other nearby provinces will have this kind of opportunity in terms of catering their local products and promoting the towns. With this plan in mind, our country may be able to compete with other major tourist destinations in Southeast Asia like Phuket in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sanctuarium of the Philippines

As a country who is bounded by traditions, are we still for a traditional burial or now thinking for an alternative and practical ways specially in times of recessions.

We are accustomed to burying our deceased love ones the traditional way because of the belief that the soul of our departed will continue to be with us even after death. We still prefer for a physical presence of the person in the traditional ceremony for we are still bounded with their memories and that's what we cherished.

While our cab is heading Jack terminal bound for Laguna last hallowen, we passed through the Araneta avenue and saw flock of people inside and outside Sanctuarium- a towering 12 storey complex which is considered as the largest columbarium in Asia and stands out along the line of funeral parlors who do same business in this area.

Over the years, traditional burial has been overshadowed by the growing numbers of people who are willingly and prefers cremation of their love ones because of financial consideration. It is now gaining popularity among Filipinos nowadays and already being offered by well known funeral operators. Needless to say, with the boom of our population, public cemeteries are crowded and traffic jams builds up heading to cemeteries especially on this occasion. So people see "cremation" more economically in the long run".

Why cremation?

Cremation according to Wikipedia is the process of reducing human remains to basic chemical compounds in the form of gases and bone fragments. Cremation may serve as post funeral rites-an alternative for internment for the actual body in a casket. Once a body is cremated, ashes are placed in an urn and is surrendered to the family so they wish to bring it home or prepare for a disposal ceremony.

Crematorium operators such as Sactuarium, is a the first of its kind in our country and has everything in one roof. If you are in this kind of business, in order to compete, innovations is prescribe. The Sactuarium has a luxurious vigil chapels with air-conditioned family rooms, a Budhist temple for our Chinese brothers and a Sky Garden at the roof deck. The facility also has underground secured parking, coffee shops, convenience store, flower shops, audio-visual library and the state-of-the-art crematorium. This is a total memorial service in a 12-steps feature sets.

So how much it cost to avail this services? I got this breakdown from a research work:
  • one vault - P115,000 - P165,000
  • one vault and cremation - P130,000 - P180,000
  • one vault, cremation and services - P155,000- P365,000

Part of the service includes transport of the deceased to the Sanctuarium to the hospital, embalming, use of standard casket for funeral ceremony, the use of vigil chapel, documentation assistance such as registration of death certificates, securing permits, and other mementos such as audio and video presentation.

As I see it, the Sanctuarium will become a showcase and standard bearer of a totally new concept in memorialization. It house 5-Star amenities to service the living while being the final resting haven for the departed loved one. Apparently, the Sactuarium offers the best alternative to overcrowded cemeteries that are open to the elements. There is no question that the building will set the standard in the future.

Now regardless on our own personal belief and priority in life, the world is changing and its upon us on how we approach the new paradigm of Filipino tradition and custom.

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