Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thank you Tita Cory for the Inspiration

Losing someone you love is a heartache that could last a lifetime said Kris Aquino. As I joined more than 300 people who filled the Manila Cathedral for the necrological mass in honor to our beloved former president Corazon C. Aquino, thoughts of her dating back as far as 16 years ago had changed my life.

Good and happy memories, dedications and countless honor have been mentioned in both print and broadcast media, and nothing i can add could possibly make her larger in most Filipinos' eyes than she already is.

As I listen to Kris thank you and reminiscence speech about her mother, I remember that moment when I had face to face encounter with this very famous woman. I was a working student then at SM Super Sale Club (now SM HyperMart) when I heard that familiar voice comes from my behind and asking for a "mozzarella cheese".

I never imagine that after her term as president and becomes "Citizen Cory", you would see her in plain attire roaming the supermarket with her family and enjoying her private life. Kris Aquino was new in showbiz that time and I never recognized her. Though with body guards, she remains simple and always throw a smile to those who passed by and greeted her.

That very moment is a significant day for me for we had a little chat. She'd able to interview me as I slowly guided her to the dairies aisle. She admired me for being a working student but then scolded when I told her that my parents had no knowledge that I'm working. She told me that even then, my parents should have the right to know what I have been through and for sure they would understand.

So, a week later, I've able to tell my parents about my decision and she's right, they understand and respect it. Indeed, madame president simple gesture gives me confidence to do the right thing.

Tita Cory, as most Filipinos called her is really a simple housewife and a mother to her children. I am one of those who can attest ten of those who shared their stories about her and of giving a motherly advice whenever she goes. That's one of the virtues that made her so popular. We see our former president in every one of us. She was a reluctant politician, god-fearing individual and an endearing mother.

She had touched the lives of many and continue to be an inspiration of the country. Today, I give my last respect in my little way. Like most Filipinos, I am one of those who like to have a glimpse of her before she rejoined her creator. Gladly, this former working student who had served a mozzarella cheese way back then has already a career on its own—an IT practitioner and a budding photo journalist. If I haven't inculcated in my mind the words she autograph in my inventory logbook, I think I won't be here with other field photographers covering the biggest event of Cory's humble life and our history.

Farewell Tita Cory ...Thanks for the INSPIRATION you have given me... and being a mother of the entire FILIPINOS.

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