Thursday, February 7, 2008

Philippine Tourism Embraces the New Media Revolution

Tourism secretary Ace Durano is hip. Why i said that? very simple. Today's new media popularity paves way to his conclusion or perhaps government decision to tap the contents from the cyberspace.

To be specific, the agency had chosen the service of Ms. Christine Gambito to be its ambassador for ti US-based Filipina, a new media practitioner and a celebrity of her own via the social site like YouTube. She gained her popularity over her "Happy Slip" channel which has over 4.5 million views as of this writing, and almost 120,000 subscribers. In fact, for just two years of pro vlogging at youtube, she now ranks in the top 4 of the Most Subscribed (All Time,).

So as you can see, Christine via her "Happy Slip" channel becomes a viral in advertising campaign and it was a grab chance for the agency. Today's technology enables ordinary people like her to be known around the globe. Her hilarious style of video publishing over the internet makes it very "pangmasa" because it shows the real person on her. So, I can't get any violent reaction why the government had choose her.

Durano's invitation for her visit in the Philippines is a good move. And for her homecoming, she does not only brings herself home but rather the entire audience who are connected with her channel as they will get a glimpse of what Christine was going through on this trip. Lots of them have not had the chance to visit the Philippines yet, and through her, there's now an opportunity for all 2nd or 3rd generation Fil-Ams to visit their hometown and see the wonders of their country that they have been forgotten for years. Glad also to know that overall, her fans sympathize along with her and as a proof, her video blog of her trip gathered almost 700 comments.

Now, may be you agree with me what the new media revolution powered by the the free media tools such as YouTube, wikis and CMS blogs are empowering ordinary people to loose themselves and express their own opinions and be heard by the global community.

Tapping Christine's talent and become the voice for our tourism can spread like fire. It boost our tourism industry and help promote the good things about this country. Now, shout out the news and lets help our tourism in our little way.

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