Thursday, June 8, 2006

Sidetrip to Everest

June 7, 2006

The hype over the climb to Mt. Everest continues and everyone were so excited to get the latest update that leads to some sort of network war on their coverage of the 1st Philippine Expedition to Mt. Everest.

Well, at first, I'm not interested to the news when it was first announced. But when the news broke up that Filipino made it to the summit. I have this deep admiration and sense of pride realizing that a Filipino can make it.

Actually, as the news broke out about the climb, we have conceptualized a book on Mt. Everest quest by Filipinos. Our writers starts to gather the news and starts on their research while on the wait for the actual events of the said ascend. My only role is the conceptualization of the book design and help the writers for the possible title.

I started my research by downloading some images i found on the net for my visual concept presentation. During this course, i have seen and appreciated the beauty of Everest from countless stock photos available and feel the drama behind those who had earlier conquest of the Summit.

Then, here goes the chance to meet one of the conquestor—Mr. Romi Garduce, a veteran climber, member of the UP Mountaineers and the third Pinoy who had reach the Big E.

We had an interview with him at a Cafe' in Greenbelt 3 last June 7 and were so lucky to hang with him in spite of his countless visitors at the adjacent table. His schedules are hectic and talking to him about his quest is like a Side trip to the Summit and much excitement awaits us when he showed to us his personal photos of the great Everest. He's very accommodating and very funny, just like any other mountaineers who always crack a joke to relieve their exhaustion during climb.



I don't want to elaborate more on our conversation but one thing for sure, Mr. Garduce is in love with his passion more than anything else. His quest for the seven (7) peaks in the world is his ultimate dreams and you can stop this man with great determination and passion.


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