Sunday, May 13, 2007

Its my Wife's Day!

I was at home reading a Sunday paper and I throw a glance at my wife with my 2 year old kid watching the photos during our last year's vacation in baguio. My son was so happy enumerating names of those what he sees on the photo slides on the computer monitor. He giggles and he was very smart calling his mother's attention to turn the photos in portrait mode. He already able to identify what is correct in his vision.

As i watch them, there's a spot in my heart that says, "You must be fortunate to have a family like that." I can also tell that that my son was contented, enjoying his life as a kid and was raised with the loving hands of his parents.

Two years had passed and I can't really imagine that my son is growing fast and smart. He can already recite his ABCs and other nursery rhymes that his mom had taught every night. He can already mimic some TV commercials and dance some of its tunes.

I seldom recognized my wife's effort for all these years and I want to commend her for being so patient with me and being understanding. Aside from that, I want to be thankful for her nurturing love to our beloved son, for her caring and affection, guidance and for teaching him to be smart.

I turned the pages and I see a half-page ad. Its Mother's Day and I almost forgot. The election fever is making its headlines and I almost missed the importance of this day. I have kissed my wife and wispher ...."That's a kiss for being the best mom for Chad" Let us all greet all mother's with a KISS!

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