Thursday, March 13, 2008

Squatters on Fire

PinoyExplorer witnessed another terrifying fire in Talayan, Quezon City and its victims — same old stories we heard from the news and its eyewitnesses. In the metropolis, squatters are always the once being blamed and they are literally on fire every time this untoward incident happens. Because of their dilapidated shanties and uncontrolled behavior they are the most known conductor of fire. Much more, due to the limited entry and exit points in the area, firefighters find it hard to reach its epicenter.

Obviously, this month is a Fire prevention awareness and sad to say that what the government can provide are only flyer's and posters of Tips on Fire Preventions. They are helpless to address this common problem we face each year. The root of this issue is not yet resolved and how many Juan's will loose their homes each year.

Anyway, this is my second time to see firefighters bravery in action. Actually, they accidentally becomes my subject when I won a photo contest two years ago. When you are on the scene, you can feel not only the heat brought by fire and the adrenalin of the fast pace of the scene but the warmth and tears on your heart witnessing those actual human drama that you can see on movies and telenovelas. Yes, its true and my lens are its witness.

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