Thursday, March 27, 2008

Xevera: Modern Place for a Spanish Living

Just after the holy week break, PinoyExplorer goes north for a tight technical job schedule that needs to be accomplished this Thursday, March 27, 2007. This is in preparation for the Turn-over ceremony of Don Antonio Lee Chi Uan Integrated School to the Department of Education (DepEd). This project is in collaboration with Globe Asiatique, ABS-CBN Foundation and Vibal Foundation.

Sorry if I don't want to elaborate further about the project 'coz this is another side of the story. Instead, let me give emphasis about this village that I came across that is making waves in the realty development and low cost housing in Brgy. Calibutbut, Bacolor, Pampanga.

This is my first time to visit Bacolor though I already passed this area before when I travelled far north. Brgy. Calibutbut really sounds unfamiliar to me but I have seen something unique in this village that is worth sharing.

If you are looking for an old world elegance in a modern Filipino culture, in the heart of the ancient and historical towns of Pampanga, the architectural concept of the Xevera Townhouse in Bacolor is a reminiscent of the class and grace of Spain's exuberant lifestyle.

As I enter the subdivision proper the arch entrance alone is a reminiscent of an old culture. Development is still on going and what struck me most is the 20 foot Milan-inspired fountain that act as center piece of the Xevera Plaza. Within the circumferential area you can found the on-going development of commercial area and clubhouse. Then there's the soon to be inaugurated church, town hall and school. Before you reach the main entrance you can see the almost finished market with terminals for vehicles.

Found in historic Bacolor, Xevera is fast becoming a haven for anyone who dreamed of living in a high-class subdivision that is affordable for Class B and C and can be acquired through PAG-IBIG housing loan.

Everything you need is here and according to my source Ms. Darlene, Xevera (a spanish word which means owning a new house) boasts itself to be of high quality town house amenities such as clubhouse, commercial areas, town hall, and an Olympic-size pool. This place is a uniquely designed, Spanish inspired community, the subdivision provides a luxurious ambiance to modest income groups, like starting families, new couples and retirees who want intimacy and comfort in a two-storey, two bedroom love nest.

I'd met the man behind this project, the President and CEO Delfin Lee of Globe Asiatique when he had an ocular visit in the construction site.

Located in Calibutbut (Bacolor residents call it Calibu) Pampanga, Xevera will surely be the first grand landmark in a resurgent Bacolor after the devastation of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.

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