Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Islas Filipinas in Metro de Madrid

If you are a usual commuter in Manila via MRT, this is a very familiar scene. But unlike the usual passing through the metropolis, watching all the billboards in every stations, here in Madrid all rail stations are organized via its subway transit. They can be considered as underground worms roaming around the healthy land of Madrid. This is the first thing that calls my attention while wandering inside our rented car with my camera. At first, I thought it was just an underground pass but through its signage, I have concluded that indeed, its a train station.

They call it "Metro" which I think where our concept of MRT have been patterned. They are located beside the sidewalks that can easily be seen and has an elevator up to 4 levels if I am not mistaken. These 231 stations has a locator map that can be seen upon entrance and is color coded so you would know in which stations you would hop for your connecting destinations. Yes, you heard me right., a Metro subways are connecting all destinations in Madrid and other country side of Spain including the famous city of Barcelona which is my next destination for 5 days.

I was impressed with how they build the Metro subways of Spain. It is well planned and automated. The stations are well equipped with ticket vending machine, and mind you, these tickets can also be used for a bus ride. Time here is very precious for trains really come on time or else, you have to wait for the next ride. It is the fast and easy mode of transportation and they seldom ride a bus. I have noticed, bus routes here are also very limited.

One of the station that is very significant to me is the station named after our dear country "Islas Filipinas". It is part of the station line 7 of the Madrid Metro beneath the street Cea Bermudez, between the Plaza de Cristo Rey and the intersection with Avenida de las Islas Filipinas, in the Madrid district of Chamberi. This station was opened for business on February 12, 1999. Adjacent to it, you can see our national hero "Jose Rizal" standing tall on its Luneta statue replica.

And while searching through the web about Metro in Madrid, I have encountered this video commercial and mind you..it was shoot in the Philippines.

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