Saturday, July 5, 2008

PinoyExplorer goes to Spain

For my next travel blog series, I am quite hesitant to write about my travel abroad because it is not in line with my advocacy in promoting all about the wonders of Philippine travel. But, upon the advice of my friends, I got a second thought since according to them, I'm still tackling a topic of a Pinoy who explore the other side of the world and experiencing how it is to be and live in a foreign land...interacting with people of different culture and traditions.

Pinoy Explorer would like to feature Spain as my next stop and discover to myself as a Pinoy, how it is to be in the land of once a colonizer of the my motherland for centuries. I will also be discovering new things about this country in the the world of globalization and what it can offer that would allow me appreciate its unique beauty and as spiritual sibling of mixed culture and traditions.

So this time, as I have gone through sleepless nights waiting for my Schengen Visa, I am preparing myself for this long trip. But before that, I would like to thank Vibal Foundation for giving me a chance to be part of its delegation that will attend and present to an international conference on Free Software, Free Technology that will happen in Barcelona, Spain. Also, I would like to give thanks in advance for the generosity of GAV and EAV down to the Excom who have supported me all out up to securing my papers. me expedite my visa..

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