Sunday, May 10, 2009

After Survivor French now its Bulgaria's invasion of Caramoan

Last holy week, I have visited Caramoan peninsula and experienced and witnessed its unique beauty. The site has been famous when foreign TV series Survivor starts to shoot its international series and from then on, succeeding Survivor versions was being filmed.

At present, Ms. Myra Roces, Adventure Coordinator had announced that after Koh-Lanta (French Survivor series) and recently Survivor Israel, Bulgaria is now filming on the island.

So this means to say that the public has again to wait till September to be able to visit Gota Village, the official residence and location of Survivor TV series. Israel had finished their location shoot last April 29 and that the time when the first batch of Survivor Bulgaria crew and staff arrive on the site.

The shoot is estimated to last till September 2009 and Caramoan for sure would be on the international scene again.

"Survivor" originated in the U.S. but other countries have created their own versions of the popular show. Contestants compete in a variety of tough physical challenges until there is a sole winner.

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