Thursday, October 15, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy: A Wrath of Nature

At the height of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana), we have witnessed the anguished and anxiety of our fellowmen. Watched their helpless situation as they continue to fight for their lives.

I am one of those who are fortunate to be spared by this act of nature and very thankful that my family was safe and sound. When this tragedy happens, I was in Bicol region to pay my last respect at the funeral wake of my grand father. I have witnessed via television as things happens and was terrified to see those horrible encounters of men against mother nature.

We're still mourning and my cousins anguished in pain when they have learned that Ondoy's wrath did not spare their homes in Manila. Some of their children was left behind and don't know if they are safe. Phones were paralyzed at that moment and was thinking to go back to Manila the soonest time despite impassable areas in Quezon province.

Well, we all have our own stories to share but this is just a minor event compared to those who really have braved life in death in the 9-hour rains of Ondoy. In few days, we have seen depressing images and stories of victims of calamities brought by typhoon and many more stories untold from those people whose lips were silenced by their untimely passing in a tragic display of nature’s fury.

The tragedy has led us to reflect to ourselves, this moment we learn to pray intensely and continue to ask to ourselves how in the world a harrowing event so unimaginable could happen right the heart of the nation.

The bottom line... we never learned our lessons and mother nature made her own personal accounting. They say that nature has its own ways in making things pave way for people to realized what they have done to mother nature. She has accounted us for all our actions against the very law of life and balance.

Now, who's to be blamed?

Accountability and responsibility is a key lesson to be learned.. and how many lives should be sacrificed in such big calamity that has not just swept our dreams away and castigated our country. How can we prevent future catastrophe from happening once again the future... Ondoy has reminded us for so many times in the past already. Are we really having a chronic environmental amnesia?

Let's do our share.. climate change is no longer a hypothesis of the 21st century. We all have a responsibility to the the world we are living in.

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