Monday, April 11, 2011

BATANES: The Departure

AN EARLY WAKE UP CALL  arose me from a good night sleep last  April 1, 2011. I've thought that I might have been a victim of the April fools' thingy but at the back of my mind, even If I am partly conscious, I am sure that this call is of utmost importance to me at that very moment. But I was unperturbed, still. 

After almost an hour, the alarm got my attention again from stupor when I heard "Mandy's voice and glanced at the time on my mobile, it's 4:30am. For no reasons at all, I do not know why my alarm  keeps on ringing. Honestly, I'm weighing myself if I will still go or not with my appointment with Mandy.

I had to decide right away or else, its now or its never. Our flight schedule is 5:45 and worst is, I'm still in Quezon City. I want to fly to be able to get there easily, I told myself, but reality tells me to comply with how the system works. To tell you, I have some inhibitions: that maybe this trip is not for me, that I have more things to accomplish and prioritize for or the fact that I could not wake up on time due to staying late in office the previous nights. I looked out of the window and asked God for a sign. 

Suddenly, Mandy called and said that she had my boarding pass secured, that I had to be there before 5:30. Immediately after this I took my luggage, ran to the dark corridors of the street, hopped on a cab to the airport and tell the driver, "Don't ask me how much I will pay you, but please get this goddamn taxi to the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) in less than 30 minutes."

And so we flew like hell as if the cab I was in is the king of the road. But a few meters away from Sanctuarium (Crematorium) in Araneta Avenue, police patrol held us for over speeding with my PhP300 worthless explanations. Thanks to this gallant driver who made my day and made me reached my destination very right on time.

So This is It! This is really for me. I am destined to go to Batanes.... not just to explore the place but to make wonderful and memorable stories once again for my almost dying travel blog :)

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