Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day 2008

It been 3 years and a half already and enjoyed myself for being a father of a very cute boy I named Chadmartin. But did I really enjoyed him as he grow day by day? Sad to say that I really missed some monumental events of his life. Like his first time to draw a cat, first time to hear him recite his mathematical skills and his first day in a nursery school this year. I'm guilty about it and I'm so blessed that I have a very understanding wife who really work hard and took care of our little boy.

This picture reminds me during his first year of life. Taken by my wife while we visit the Sampaloc lake in her home town in Laguna. Nevertheless, as a father, I see to it that every time I finished my projects in the office, I took time to give them my precious time and treat them in a place where we can enjoy as a family. And today, its Father's Day again and so glad that I have already reserved myself to be with them this very day. I gonna treat them to Manila Ocean Park and let my boy wonder the big fishes that he always seen on National Geographic Channel. :)

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