Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WikiPilipinas: Java Hotel Accommodation

Strolling for 5 hours in various destinations of Ilocos is quite tiring, good enough there's a nearby hotel along the busy highway of Laoag. Truly, you have to stay at least 2 days in Ilocos to have treat yourself to the wonders of Ilocandia.

We arrive at Java Hotel by 5:38 pm and its like you've been transported to Bali, Indonesia. This hotel is an Indonesian-inspired and its architectural influence was a combination of Malaysia and Singapore. From a popular airline cliche, I can also say that "It is truly Asia".

The only drawback or big turn off, is the gasoline station that is blocking its facade. It cannot rectitude its architectural beauty if tourist see this kind of blockage that is very awkward to look at. Anyway, what is important for now is the kind of accommodation that we savor for a night of stay in this first class hotel in Ilocos.

While Jerry embarked our luggage in our room, I manage to room around and documented its facility. I have found out their unique Eagle's Nest bar as if I have not gone far from the white sands of Pagudpud. I refresh myself a bit while local beauties of ilocandia treat me with an ice cold SMB : ) haaaaah..sarap. Inside the bar, you can be entertained by 58 in TV monitor playing live concert series or play videoke with friends while chirping family of cute breed of parrots is an alternative view to look at. The Balinese style dining can be seen adjacent to it and for sure, we will have our dinner there. Wait, the hotel is a wi-fi zone and thanks to it, so i can have time to update this blog.

After awhile, I went to our room and Gus and George was taking a zip of brandy relaxing themselves while watching cable show. Our room was nice and its like any other hotel suits in Makati complete with bath tub and hot and cold shower. Mind you, rooms here are also card activated with mini bar and a veranda.

I woke up at 7:00 am and immediately went to veranda with George who is busy cleaning his DSLR camera. The back view of this hotel is lush green vegetation and you can see early farmers tendering the rice fields. I stroll again and navigated the other side of the hotel. I have found out that the back entrance is a more picturesque than its front. From here, you can really appreciate the place and its architectural design. I can see from its details and its structure was simulated as if you're in the beach front of the famous Bali resort.

The three of us decided to have our early breakfast while the staff are still on their respected rooms. After a brief chat and plan for our next stop, we decided to go swimming in a mini-pool at the right side of the hotel and experience the warm sunny morning and a bit of water massage to have my back ready for another long drive back home.

By 9:am, we packed up and decided to proceed to Vigan.

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