Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blogging in a hospital?

PinoyExplorer in a hospital? Yes, you are absolutely right. Sometimes, travelling is an exhausting experience but it is worthwhile. Though I have a line of travelling stories to share, I was able to include this as my top priority for now.

I stayed at St. Lukes hospital for 3 days now, but opsss! I am not the one who's sick:). I was here because my wife had experienced again a terrible drop of her potassium count and according to her doctor this is potentially a fatal condition that needs immediate medical action.

According to the diagnosis, she has hypokalemia, a rare disease that has no definite cause. I don't wanna talk about it 'coz til now it remains a mystery to me. The doctor said an operation will be set for her adrenals and I know this means a big cut on my wallet. And that's the real problem, I'm just an ordinary techie who just happened to earn a little for a living... and now just depending on google's adsense that could mean an additional income for me:)

So while at the hospital, I have transformed a little corner of our room as my cyber office. Yap! this time, I have to work online, updating my projects and collaborating my team at the office before my boss updates me again with details. And of course, here comes another entry to support my ever growing readers,... meron na ba?:)

That's another thing when you work mobile, you can allot your full concentration in front of your computer screen and it takes you away from nuisances of phone calls, project meetings and other office stuffs. Its only when I'm infront of my computer when I able to sketched my ideas and turn it into something big. That's how my creative juices comes in.

So while my wife is asleep, I'm tinkering my 3G-powered laptop and connect myself to the online world. Hoping to find a good samaritan to help me win this game in life.

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