Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Manila Baywalk: Promenader's Paradise

Tired of the usual scene in the malls? crowded and just teasing you with bargains during mall sales?...why not try another place to relax and experience a bit of nature and see the wonders of Paradise Philippines.

Start an early morning dew or cool afternoon walk in the most talk-about promenaders at the heart of Manila- The Baywalk.

Located along Roxas boulevard, the Baywalk had transformed into a favorite hangout for both local and foreign tourists who wants to experience a taste of nature while enjoying the cool breeze of Manila Bay.

This project had started three years ago as part of Manila's local government program to reinvigorate the country's premier city. Today, commercial establishments sprouted over the place and offered various amenities for the visitors.

Because of its open space, the Baywalk is a good site for everyone who wishes to see and experience one of the most breathtaking sunsets of the world. It is best experienced during summer as the sun turns purple red and so perfect for all landscape shots as shown here. The giant kaleidoscopic lamp posts matching the coconut trees around is a serene experience while relaxing in cafès and restaurants, sipping cold beer and listening in acoustic bands all over the two-kilometer stretch of Roxas boulevard.

The baywalk has become a hit among promenaders and it was a success for business establishments in the area. It was branded as the "gimmick" place in Manila. There are around 30 eateries in the area that serve both local and international cuisine and everyone can expect a mouth watering taste of different menus being served.

During weekends, "yuppies" or young professionals scattered in the area enjoying the late afternoon gimmick day. Liquors are served starting at six o'clock as the bands starts to play your favorite requested songs.

So, what are you waiting for? enjoy the magic of Manila at night and you'll see the difference.

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