Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Paradise Philippines: The P600,000 SEO Challenge

After the success of the first SEO contest in the Philippines last year, another attempt was set forth by SEO Philippines founder Marc Macalua to promote the beauty and splendor of 7,000+ islands of the Philippines thru bayanihan spirit of Filipinos all over the world.

So what is this SEO all about? Many have heard it but to the newcomer in website optimization this is an alien word for them. Not everyone who has a blog are aware and planning for this contest or let's say they just don't care. Bloggers thrive not because they want to earn dollars thru it or join a contest like this. I don't want to think that way. Instead I want to conclude that bloggers are here because we have something in common.... passion.

But nowadays, your niche is very important if you want to be seen and read by the public. Blogs can't be blogs if you have no readers. PinoyExplorer is a new site aggregated from my old blog site to focus on promoting the Philippines thru photo and travel blogs. Ranking it to other blogs is really a challenge. So here come the SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important component if you are doing an Internet Marketing for your personal website or for a company. A common practice of submitting your site to search engines and directories (e.g. Google. Yahoo and MSN) is not just the key to your success in online optimization or marketing. Metatags through keywords (e.g. paradise philippines, pinoy explorer) are also helpful but it cannot guarantee you the top position on page rankings.

Optimizing your site and positioning it to the major search engines is the most strategic move you should do and those who ran business/company sites. Search engine optimization comes in different technical tactics. It can start from a simple re-design work on your site down to the part where a SEO experts starts drilling the codes to position its ranking.

You may have the best website on the planet, but its true essence is when search engines find it by your designated keywords or search terms. Search engines has its own search algorithm and and ranking mechanism that gives every SEO practitioners a real challenge.

Since Pinoy Explorer is committed in promoting our dear Paradise Philippines to be the world's most visited tourist destination, it will also try its luck to be seen in the world thru the SEO challenge. It may win or not... it will continue to explore and discover places....took more pictures and take it home as souvenirs....Tara na Pasyal Tayo!

To know more about the Contest...click here!

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