Thursday, May 8, 2008

WikiPilipinas: Bangui Windmill Stopover

One of the finest scene to visit if you're travelling from Pagudpud or coming from Laoag City is the pride of Bangui Bay in Ilocos Norte. A giant alien-looking windmills are its newest attraction after it was constructed in 2005. I just can't imagine that after two years, Ilocos had produced a truly a magnificent scene that you can't imagine and that can be found in the Philippines.

WikiPilipinas team make this as its 3rd stop and to take a glance of these marvelous structure. We had so much fun watching every 6-meter wind turbines spins above our heads. According to PAGASA, the Philippines wind power density can produce about 31 watts per square meter (W/m2). So, just imagine how many watts these 15 turbines can produce from this site.

Bangui Windmills stands more sexier than the model I manage to shoot :)

With this project, Ilocos for sure can have another portfolio to show not just in postcards. The results of my photos as shown here is a truly an assessment that Gov. Bongbong Marcos Jr have shown his leadership and political will to prove to the world that Ilocandia has something to offer. The 15 wind turbines that I call "Sentinels of Bangui Bay" is just a start and hopefully finished its phase 2 project by adding 5 more turbines to complete the natural and technological elegance of Bangui Bay.

Taking advantage of the wonderful backdrop, sky blue sky, the staff are so busy taking their pictures and having to embrace the 23 storey turbular tower. It's really a unique experience to hear the roaring 326 meters apart-turbines produced by the winds coming from the northeast of South China Sea. I can say that this place is must see by all tourist who visit Ilocos.

Lastly, I just hope that the marker that leads to the isolated area of Bangui Bay should be more visible from the national highway. A tourist attraction like this should be taken care of specially the rough and narrow street that leads to it.

Next stop..Laoag City
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