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WikiPilipinas:Bantay Abot Cave

We almost had missed this place and thanks to the watchful eyes of George. He had been able to see the signage going to Blue Lagoon and so, we immediately went back to the place and find ourselves what's in there. Actually, we've been hunting the blue lagoon when we're having the boat ride in Pagudpud. If you want to see this place, and if you have your own vehicle its only 10 minutes away from Pagudpud .

Bantay Abot Cave based on my research means “a mountain with a hole.” A hole was found at the middle of the hill where the waves were free to flash into its walls just like an open shore until it was wrecked by an earthquake during the 80’s. It is also called “the underground sea” for on top of the cave is a lustrous vegetative cover. Inside the cave can hear the echoing sound of the waves, the chirping of the birds ameliorate by the cool breeze of the air. The cave is a very unique creation partly surrounded by the clear blue sea. The shore has white sand mixed with fragments of shells and rocks that can be made as a décor. Parts of the shore are forms of rocks where you can sit and relax and enjoy a lucid view of the wide sea and verdant mountains. My lens never missed this opportunity and I have manage to capture its beauty.

Bantay Abot Cave is located along the seacoast of Sitio Gaoa, Balaoi, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.
Few meters away, you can see the Timmangtang rock that stands majestically in the lagoon. It is located along the shore and partly by the sea. Bantay Abot Cave and the Timmantang Rock are like lovers. Because of its natural formation, the former being the female (because it has a hole) and the later is the male. If you are on top of it, for sure, you could see the calm blue sea and the enchanting view of Sitio Gaoa. And to those backpackers out there, Campfire is a very ideal at the foot of this stunning rock.

Personally, I was stunned by its glorious beauty and I was thankful for being able to capture the secrets of this place. My only regrets is that, we have no ample time to go to Malingay Cove (Blue Lagoon). It is a hidden bay found at Maira-ira Point, which is a half-moon in shape edifice, by the Nacatnagan Cliff in the east and the Dos Hermanos in the north. According to my informant, reaching the place is quite tiresome for it is around 2.5o kilometers away from the highway with rigged roads and it is found at the interior part of Sitio Malingay.

Captions: Top to bottom (1)Bantay-abot cave, (2)The cave shot along the highway, (3)Gus and Richard, (4&5)View of Sitio Gaoa shoreline, and (6)shell abundance in seashores of Bantay-abot Cave

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