Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flight to Amsterdam via KLM

I'm the early flying bird being at the boarding Gate 11 at 7:57 for a scheduled 10:45 flight at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). This is where KLM 804 flight going to Amsterdam is boarding. Do you think that's cool? Well, I'm may be excited that I have never run through the lines. To tell you the secret, I took advantage of KLM online check-in and manage to line up first in the business class.

The good thing about the online check-in is that it enables you to bypass the usual long lines and allows you to select your desired seating number. This is one of the features that we cannot see in our local airlines. It's the web support facilities that made our travel becomes an experience. I have selected my seat by the window side to have a view of the hemisphere going to Amsterdam and of course took a bit of aerial photos which I think is very seldom seen.

Now, as you read this. I'm already seating at the boarding area, had opened my notebook and tinker this notes while waiting for the gate's call. As time go nearer, seats are being filled by those I see in the long line who had braced the immigration officer and check-in counters. I am leaving for Madrid and have my connecting flight to Amsterdam.

At around 8:55, KLM flight 804 had already docked and now waiting for us to go aboard. It's a shining light blue color majestically stage herself to the awaiting passengers and its like weaving its wings for us. Passengers started to embark and suddenly, a group of high footed blond ladies in blue uniform parade the hallway. They are the stewardess of KLM flight and with them the captain and some flight crews whose looks can be compared ala James Bond or Tom Cruise. They are the superstar of today's flight and glad to see them on their snappy uniforms and greeted everyone with a happy smile. Now..I'm relieve..I know this would be a great flight :)

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