Saturday, July 12, 2008

On the Air to Amsterdam

It was so amazing to know that while you are on air for almost 11 hours, the sun never sets and its getting more intense as I expected. Europe particularly Madrid and Barcelona where I am intended to visit is 6 hours late and that's the reason why KLM jet is flying the other side of the clock.

The plane leaves Manila at 10:45 am and when we passed by China around 9 pm (manila time), the sun is still high and getting more intense. I have decided not to adjust my time so I can see the transition of time in this part of the world. I have been monitoring the flight status in a mini TV in front of me from time to time and I can see clearly the simulation of day and night in the virtual global map.

I feel so excited every time I see the position of the plane to its course and I can't help myself peeping through the window and see how the plane passed through the fly zone of Moscow. At 2 am (Manila) the sun is still up but its like 5 pm in Philippine time. So, while flying, you will have this notion that sun never sets in these areas.

I have been counting the time and keep on looking to my flight itinerary to verify the time that I suppose to land. I have selected a seat beside a window and from time to time I open the window and still its blinding light out there.

I tried to keep myself asleep but I'm just being bothered by things I have left behind. Sometimes, it's healthy to have this moment of your life when you are faraway from your usual routines and take some reflections. I may sound sentimental but this is only the time you can think more about yourself, what you have done so far and what you gonna do in the future...about 30,000 feet above sea level.I remember all the people that helped me process my documents, the people that supported me all way to pursue this travel opportunity and to all people who believe in me. I think about my son, my lovely wife, my friends and relatives. That's how I consume my hours while I'm on top of the world.

Hah.. I miss the Philippines now..

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